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Twitter as a Customer Service tool

There are many examples of companies who seem to 'get' the opportunity afforded by monitoring their presence on Twitter. These companies provide a great customer service experience on Twitter.

By Rob Falla - Your Presence Online

In this blog we will look at some behaviours that are and that are not examples of great customer service and we will also look at the reasons a company should be providing this level of customer service.

Why should your company strive to provide a great customer service experience in social media?

You want more money!


  • Your reputation matters
  • Your brand image matters
  • Profits matter
  • Customer loyalty matters

Customer service matters to you.

If you are not using social media services such as Twitter, Facebook and linkedIn as part of your customer service offering you need to conduct a social media strategy review now. If your company would benefit from a social media strategy consultation email Rob Falla from Your Presence Online to request a consultation. Still not convinced?

What is great customer service

Keep it simple. Attributes to look for include:

  • Social media team in place.
    If they want to provide a great service they need to invest in it and be there where the action is. The social media team should be linked to the customer service team instead of the IT team and it should be empowered to make things better for the customer.
  • Active and engaged social media profiles.
    Dead accounts, bot-controlled accounts, and accounts that only drive customers to an email address or into hiding with DMs can not be said to be great. They must be seen by the tweeting public to be dealing with customer experience issues.
  • Access to brand and reputation monitoring tools, customer relationship tools, inventory and delivery scheduling databases and tools.
  • Empowered to act on behalf of the company to resolve issues.
    I realise I already touched on this but it is that improtant that it needed to be restated.

There are other attributes, but this is enough to get any company started. If your company doesn't have at least the above in place you need to get started on it now.

Facebook Places

Did you know your customers can 'check-in' to your place of business on Facebook?

Facebook places allows people to check into a place of interest, such as your business, so all their firends know where they are or were.

As a business owner this is great news. This means your customers can post instant reviews and testimonials about you and your business to all. Naturally you provide such a great product and service that you are only too happy to welcome such an opportunity.

We will be posting a longer blog about this topic soon.